Within you, there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.”  ~ Hermann Hesse

Winter is upon us; a time to naturally slow down, become more restful and more introspective.  This morning, with the chilly gloom of rain steadily pattering against my bedroom windows, it felt right to make a cup of hot tea, snuggle with a cozy blanket, and reflect with you on attending to that deeper place in our hearts that is often dormant in our busyness and distraction.

Navigating to our Inner Sanctuary

Yes, each one of us has a very personal, private refuge, a cocoon, that is our haven of peace, safety, comfort, inner calm, tranquility, and solace.  Only you can access yours – it’s unique to you.  This special sanctum is never out of reach, but it is a place set apart, a retreat from your secular, ordinary routines.  As the Tao-te Ching, the ancient book of Chinese wisdom guides: “bide in silence and the radiance of Spirit will come in and make a home in you.”  This inner tabernacle is a place untouched by external pressures, a consecrated place within, where you can be in communion with yourself and reside in deeply relaxing harmony.

For me, it helps me to take a few deep breaths to come into the present moment and to imagine a beautiful, inviting, and gentle place in nature.  A soul-nourishing vision where I’m able to feel the tenderness of life and the exquisiteness of the scene.  Not doing anything, but just being attentive and aware of the loveliness of this inner landscape and observing what comes to me.

Listening to the Whispers to the Soul

This inner sanctuary is both process and destination – it’s trusting the assurance that it is ever-present and the eternal part of your being.  It’s the constant flame, the speck of God, the life force, the energy of our soul that seeks to be known, to guide, to share wisdom, to impart clarity, and to heal and re-create you anew.

The more you are able to connect to this space and your Divine Creator, the more you are enlightened to your authentic essence, your truest self.  When you saturate your soul in this sacred presence, you will begin to feel an even greater sense of purpose, more peace, and awareness of love, joy, and abundance that naturally resides within you.  And the brilliant Sufi philosopher, Rumi, recognized: “the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you.”  I think that is why Christ so often went out to a deserted place to commune with God in the silence.  He intentionally showed us how to come into this inspirational energy that we all inherently possess and long for – this place where we can experience wholeness, vitality, and wellbeing.

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