~ Inspired thoughts for women in HR.


We are often known as the “soul of our organization.”  We are the ones who inspire ways to nurture creative energy through the people component of our businesses.  The pandemic is gradually loosening its grip after three grueling years.  We have weathered crises of uncertainty and strain, from vaccinations to hybrid working and of course, the Great Resignation.  Now, in coming up for air, we are grappling with the “quiet quitting” phenomenon.  Challenges just keep coming at us, as does the onslaught of Zoom meetings, emails and texts.  We’re the helpers, the mediators and the talent-finders.  We have limited time, meager budgets and overworked teammates along with tremendous and unceasing demands.  We often run ourselves ragged with endless tasks at a pace that sucks the life right out of us. It’s easy for us to neglect ourselves.  Sadly, in a recent poll of HR professionals, less than one-third of us feel valued for our contributions.  

It begs the question – how are we showing up?  Are we not just tired, frazzled and a bit overwhelmed?  Or could it be that perhaps we are on empty?  Unfortunately, our souls don’t have a monitoring gauge, but if neglected for long enough, a restlessness – a quiet voice within, just won’t be silenced.  We may find that we are feeling a hollowness inside accompanied by guilt. We feel that we should be thankful, as we have all the outer trappings of what “should be” a happy life.  Or it may be that we are feeling isolation, disconnection, resentment, insecurity and even possibly a bit of shame.  But as Brene Brown poignantly shares: “What we don’t need in the midst of struggle is shame for being human.”  The truth is that there isn’t a function in our organization that does for us what we do for others.

So, what is it that you personally need to restore your soul’s vitality and your creative inner flame? 

It starts with giving yourself some space for solitude and silence.  A time to set aside the to-do list and mind chatter by just getting into the present moment and breathing into your heart with tenderness and self-compassion.  Pausing in carefree timeliness so that the voice of your soul is given a forum. Staying curious about what comes up for you.  Giving yourself permission to connect with what feels most authentic for you. This doesn’t have to take long.  Just starting with 15 minutes first thing in the morning will change your awareness of your inner voice and the trajectory of your days. 

Sweet ladies, having been a fellow corporate HR servant leader for over three decades, here are gems I’ve mined on my own personal soul’s journey:

  • You are an infinite spiritual being housed in a human person with human limitations;
  • You are so much more than your title and what you accomplish in HR;
  • Your intuition and divine inspiration are real;
  • If you don’t take this time to listen to your soul, it will manifest in your body as physical aching or even disease;
  • Your soul needs downtime, just like your body does after running a marathon;
  • You are designed to have passion, to do things you love and to feel deep joy;
  • You are enough and you are worthy of respect and love;
  • You teach others to love you by how you love yourself;
  • It’s okay to establish priorities, set boundaries and to say “no”;
  • Your soul will take you on a journey to your authentic values and connection to yourself;
  • Your soul will show you patterns and beliefs that aren’t best serving you;
  • Your soul will help you to reconnect both within and to those you love;
  • Your soul will help you find deeper meaning so you’re not just going through the motions;
  • Your soul will invite you to re-energize with what brings you delight – nature, music, meditation, prayer, dance, yoga, art and other creative endeavors.  

The answers are already within you.  Your soul knows the way.  “To experience peace does not mean that your life is always blissful. It means that you are capable of tapping into a blissful state amidst the normal chaos of a hectic life.” ~  Jill Bolte Taylor

This transformative journey of spiritual self-discovery can be really difficult to make on your own.  It takes courage, honesty and yearning to be the best version of yourself.  This level of vulnerability and commitment to change can be made easier by having a coach.  My own evolving soul journey has actually led me to transition into a career as a Spiritual Life Coach.  I’ve learned techniques and modalities that can be tremendously helpful in accelerating your journey to more awareness, joy, connection, purpose and fulfillment.  I’d be delighted to accompany and encourage you as you come to see your life in a new light.  To set up a free 30-minute Heart Connection call with me to see if this might be an answer for you, just click here.

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