Have you ever felt a restlessness, a hollowness – sort of a disturbing emptiness within you?  For me, it didn’t happen all at once; it had been very quietly building within me for a decade and hit a crescendo by my mid-fifties. In the beginning, I suppressed the uneasiness, trying to talk myself out of what I was feeling. I had so much to be grateful for: wonderful young adult children, an incredible husband, a secure corporate job, family and friends I loved. Why was I feeling this way? It was like there was an unexplainable detachment within me.

The years of being consumed with soccer practices, dancing recitals, bass guitar lessons, early morning business meetings, executive presentations, long commutes and endless emails had gradually frayed many of the very fibers of connection to my spirit. Even with all the busyness of my life, within me the questions kept nagging: “Who am I now? And is this all there is?”

The whispers of my soul came to the surface on a memorable day in Reykjavik, Iceland in August 2016. My daughter, Kristen and I had taken a cherished send-off trip together before she headed to graduate school in Sweden. She left a day before me. In that morning, alone, standing in front of the striking Sun Voyager sculpture, looking out at Faxafloi Bay, my own personal call to an inward adventure could no longer be kept at bay.

It’s interesting that the artist who designed the Sun Voyager, Jon Gunnar Arnason, when asked about his intent for the amazing sculpture shared that he wanted it to be a “vessel of dreams with the promise of undiscovered territory – dreams of hope and freedom.”  His words hit me profoundly, as even though I had travelled to this lovely country, I recognized that a spa day at the Blue Lagoon, while fun and enchanting, didn’t bring comfort to my inward being. No, like the intent of this vessel, on that morning, I made a commitment to myself, to launch and explore into the undiscovered territory within me.

I was willing to take the risk into the unknown to find the freedom, contentment and joy that I longed for.  The calling of the spiritual portal that would open me to deeper communion with the Holy Spirit, and my heart and soul, now invited me to enter.
This however was only but a beginning.

I’m so thankful in the years that have followed for embarking on this transformative journey of soul alignment and growth. Cultivating more awareness of the Holy Spirit’s presence and my own authenticity has been life-changing! I now experience a deep inner peace, a sense of meaningful purpose and an intimate connection to the Divine that influences how I see everything in life.

“It’s not too late to open your depths by plunging into them and drink in the life that reveals itself quietly there.” ~ Rainer Marie Wilke.

I can share that it’s tough to make the voyage inward alone; it really helps to have someone to accompany you and offer you guidance and support. I know, as I found some great guides along the way. Having such a Spiritual Life Coach can help you to stay perseverant and see the outcomes you desire. Each person’s journey inward is unique, but there are tools that can accelerate inward awareness and progress. If you have been finding yourself experiencing these nudges of discontent, pay them heed – go into stillness and start the journey.  Like the magnificent Sun Voyager, your dreams of hope and freedom matter!

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