“I hope you find yourself.  And when you do, I hope you find that you were always a miraculous and spectacular being, worthy of the greatest love and deepest peace.” ~ Emily Maroutain


Whether you have a daughter, a daughter-in-law, a grand-daughter, a special niece or a younger woman to whom you are an important person in her life ~ this is for you! 


As women, when we face the prime of our lives, somewhere between blowing out the 40 candles on our birthday cake to those that become too many to count, we confront within us a sobering awareness.  Our youth is past. There is no longer a defined path.  All of a sudden, it’s up to each of us to examine — Who am I now? What’s most meaningful to me? 


We can feel a sense of disconnection, an isolation, a loneliness and a fear of irrelevance. 

But, let’s choose to reframe it:  What if this time in our lives could be our most creative, vibrant and empowering chapter?   I love Dr. Christine Northrup’s take: “Ageless living is courageous living.  It means being undistracted by the petty dramas of life, because we have enough experience to know what’s not worth worrying about and what ought to be our priorities.”  


Of course, this takes being willing to adventure into and excavate the abyss of our own sacredness, our heart and soul connection to the Divine, so we can more deeply embrace a newfound font of love.  On this journey we find a deeper sense of our own intuition, our own wisdom, and our own unique path. One of the greatest gifts we can give to those women, who look to us as a stronghold, is to discover our own radiance so that they can more easily uncover their own. 


“I’ve got her spirit.  She’s always got my back.  When I look at her … I think, I want to be just like that.” ~ Lauren Aldina


As my precious daughter Kristen was in her late teens and early 20’s, we, together, birthed a new kind of kinship.  This new way of being was one where I acknowledged her increasing need for unfettered independence and growth. At the same time, I knew in my spirit that I still needed to provide a safe, sacred space where she could visit, call, text or email — and know that she’d be unconditionally loved, embraced and listened to with my wholehearted presence.  

As women, when we generously offer the wisdom of just being present and deeply listening, without trying to fix or change anything, we offer an invaluable gift to these beautiful young women we love.  When we are excited about our own journey and our own discoveries about life — these bring a more vibrant, exalted energy to our conversations.  We begin to find that there is a new vitality in our relationship.  We uncover a richer mutual respect threading through all of our interactions.  There is a freedom that comes from not having to have the answers as we navigate with them life’s unchartered course ourselves.  All the same, there is a peace and a spirit of grace and confidence that comes from the Divine. 

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